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Choosing the right puppy is an important and life-changing decision. There's so much that goes into being a responsible puppy parent as it is. Our goal is to assist clients through parenthood. Citipups is a family-run small business that's celebrating its 35th year. We handle logistics and offer lifetime guidance so that you can focus on caring for your puppy. Citipups is a service that bridges the gap between responsible breeders and prospective puppy parents. We travel around the country building relationships with breeders specializing in small to medium-sized apartment suitable dogs. We provide a space where New Yorkers can interact with a variety of different breeds. Our matchmakers can get to know you and help you choose the best pup for your lifestyle. Citipups resolves the logistical problems that may arise when dealing with breeders directly i.e having puppies shipped without a meeting, traveling halfway across the country.


Citipups also has fewer barriers than certain rescue organizations that may reject potential parents due to experience, housing, income, children, etc. At Citipups our approach is We don’t discriminate we educate. We are not here to judge someone based on their lifestyle. We are here to learn about you, match you with the best breed that suits your life, and teach you how to be a responsible puppy parent.

Our pups come with their vaccines up to date, microchip, free vet check, congenital health warranty, and 24/7 assistance hotline.

Citipups has two stores. West Village and Chelsea. We have open playrooms where people can interact and socialize with the different breeds. Because our pups get constant interaction, they are building confidence and learning how to socialize with people and pups.

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