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Citipups is a family-run small business celebrating our 35th year in NYC. We’ve spent decades traveling the country, building lasting personal relationships with responsible, Class-A breeders who specialize in small-to-medium-sized, apartment-suitable dogs. Our goal is to spare you all the logistical challenges of dealing directly with breeders, like traveling halfway across the country, or being relegated to waiting lists for months on end, only to have a puppy shipped to your doorstep whom you’ve never even met. Rather than anxiously vetting breeders online, we want you to focus all your energy on what matters to you most: finding your perfect puppy match and becoming the best puppy parent you can possibly be! Choosing the right pup is such an important, life-changing decision. We know how much goes into being a responsible puppy parent and we can offer a lifetime of guidance, supporting you throughout the entire parenting process.


At Citipups, we want to remove all the barriers to finding your perfect pup. Many rescue organizations may reject potentially wonderful parents based on income, housing, or any number of other factors. At Citipups, we don’t discriminate, we educate. We’re not here to judge you based on your lifestyle or income; we’re here to learn about you, so our matchmakers can help you find the breed that best suits your lifestyle.

All of our pups come microchipped, with their vaccinations up to date, and a comprehensive congenital health warranty. We offer a complimentary vet visit and a 24/7 assistance hotline to address any of your puppy concerns day or night.

Citipups has two convenient locations in NYC, open seven days a week. Come visit us at our 8th Avenue location in Chelsea, or at our beautiful, new Upper East Side location on Lexington Avenue. We have open playrooms where you can interact and socialize with a variety of different breeds. We love seeing our puppies get constant interaction, building their confidence and social skills with both people and pups!

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