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The Wheaten Terrier, also known as the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, is a friendly and playful breed that is quickly gaining popularity among pet owners. This breed is known for its silky, soft coat and its happy-go-lucky personality.


The Wheaten Terrier is a native of Ireland and has been around for hundreds of years. They were originally bred for hunting and guarding farmhouses, but today they are primarily kept as family pets. The breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1973.

Physical Characteristics

The Wheaten Terrier is a medium-sized breed that weighs between 30-40 pounds and stands about 18-19 inches tall at the shoulder. They have a muscular build and a distinctive, curly coat that comes in various shades of wheaten. The coat is hypoallergenic and requires regular grooming to keep it healthy and looking its best.

Personality and Training

The Wheaten Terrier is a friendly and outgoing breed that loves to play and be around people. They are highly intelligent and love to learn new tricks and obedience commands. This breed is also very social and enjoys the company of other dogs and pets. With proper training and socialization, the Wheaten Terrier can make a great addition to any family.

Health and Care

The Wheaten Terrier is generally a healthy breed, but like all dogs, they are prone to certain health issues. This breed is prone to skin allergies, bladder stones, and certain eye diseases. Regular vet check-ups, a healthy diet, and regular grooming can help keep your Wheaten Terrier healthy and happy for many years to come.


The Wheaten Terrier is a friendly, outgoing, and playful breed that makes a great addition to any family. With proper training, socialization, and care, this breed can be a loyal and loving companion for many years to come.

Life With A New Puppy

A Wheaten Terrier puppy can bring a lifetime of love and joy to your home. If you are interested in getting a Wheaten Terrier puppy, check out our Available Pups page to see if we have any Wheaten Terriers currently available. We get new puppies every Friday. Contact us here if you would like to set up an appointment to meet a dog.

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